Frequently asked questions

Why does my athlete need to be a member of Triathlon BC?

Tri Monsters is a registered and affiliated club with Triathlon BC and membership is a requirement of sanctioning.

Does my child need any special equipment to participate

Athletes joining the club, need to have a road bike and helmet, as well swim suit and goggles. We are able to assist a small number of athletes each season with equipment to try out the sport, if equipment purchase is a limiting barrier to sport, please contact us and we will see what we can do to get started and try out the club. Equipment needs to be an appropriate size for the athlete and needs to be maintained on a regular basis.

What are the pre-requisites to join the Tri Monsters? What if my athlete is not able to do that yet?

To join the club: athletes must be able to ride a bike with control (must be able to use brakes, corner, ride a straight line), and be able to swim a minimum of 200m in under 5 minutes. Swim requirement not applicable for athletes joining the cycling program only. Athletes joining the Junior Squad: are making a commitment to the sport. Athletes will be assessed individually for strengths/limitations, no specific pre-requisites exist. Typically those with previous experience in the Tri Monster Club, or athletes transferring from training in other sports at a competitive level, are a good fit, and have the drive and determination to pick up any skills they don’t yet have. If your athlete is not quite ready to join us yet, we look forward to working with you next season. In the meantime, please make use of all of the fantastic opportunities for learning to swim, gaining bike skills and learning the fundamentals of sport that the North Okanagan has to offer, such as: Red Cross Lessons at the Vernon Rec Centre; Vernon Triple AAA Track and Field Club; Vernon BMX; to name a few.

Am I required to volunteer?

Yes, we need all hands on deck at the Paradigm Naturopathic Kids Triathlon Sept 8, 2019. This local event is run entirely by volunteers, and without volunteers we have no events in which we can participate. The Vernon Youth Triathlon Society has an amazing team of board members, race captains, and supporting partners. Volunteering with us is rewarding and fun. We do not enforce a minimum volunteer requirement, we know that you will help us when you can.

Will my child be cycling on the road?

Club & Squad practices include cycling on public roads. As with all sports and activities, there are risks involved, and we will do everything in our power to minimize those risks, including teaching and modeling safe behaviour, choosing quiet roads and times of day to practice and having adequate coach & volunteer to participant ratios.