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Our coaching team is excited to announce that we now have designated pool space and are offering more swim programs this fall, winter and spring!


All programs emphasize variety in movement, fitness, fresh air, and fun.  Athletes are challenged to grow, learn and improve at their individual ability level, with age appropriate activities in accordance with Triathlon Canada Long Term Athlete Development models.  


New athletes are always welcome. 


If equipment or cost is a barrier to participation, and you have an athlete that is keen to participate for the entire season, please contact Laura to discuss options.

We are thrilled to offer participation opportunities at all stages of the long term athlete development pathway.  



Tri Monsters Swim School


Swimming (13-18 yrs, as of Dec 1, 2020)

Choose number of days per week, flexible schedule options may be availale depending on space.  Seasonal weekly scheduling adjustments are permitted, provided athletes and coach agree on consistent weekly schedule for a -pre-determined number of months.


Schedule, all sessions are 1hr:

Squad Level (~Sub 3:00 200IM, or by invite)

Mon 6:30am, Tues & Thurs 3:15pm, Fri varies, Sun 6:15pm.

Club Level (able to swim 200m continuously)

Wed 4:00 pm, Sun 6:15pm.  



*includes pool admission, does not include GST.

1/week: $45/month x 10 months

2/week: $75/month x 10 months.

3/week: $112.50/month x 10 months.

Packages availble if joining more than 1 youth program (see Junior Squad, contact Laura).

No Drop-In available, Potential new athletes are invited to come try a session.

First/last month due at time of registration and are non-refundable, monthly fees due on first of each month.  1 month withdrawal notice required. 

Athletes joining for partial season will be invoiced pro-rated fees based on # of weeks.

Does not include TriBC membership, registrants must be TriBC members.  

No sessions on event days or long weekends.  Spring schedules are tentative, to be finalized prior to Feb 1.

Swim School (13-18yrs)

A small-group, non-competitive swimming program that aims to provide high school aged participants with an option to swim for general fitness, skill development, cross training, or competitive triathlon. This welcoming swim program is intended for those who have outgrown swimming lessons, are performance stream triathletes, or young athletes who may be transferring from other sports and looking for less intense program options.



Strength Training (14-18yrs)

Age appropriate, and endurance sport athlete appropriate, strength training sessions. Sessions will teach proper strength training techniques and use of weight room equipment. These sessions will emphasize stability and variety of movement.  Please contact Laura if interested.

Junior Squad​ (14-18yrs)


Schedules vary by season and will be individualized to work around other seasonal sports. Junior squad athletes are expected to do some training on their own in addition to applicable group sessions.

Group training includes:

All Tri Monsters club schedules; 

5/week swim schedules; 

Indoor cycling schedules; 

Strength/dryland schedules;

in addition to bonus seasonal endurance sessions (snowshoe, hike). 

Full Program & Personal Triathlon Coaching (Includes all swimming): $190/month.  

Full Program & Personal Coaching (Cycling/Other - No swimming): $125/month.

Partial Program Packages / Remote Coaching Assistance: $90/month.


Monthly fees due 1st of each month, 1 month withdrawal notice required.

Junior Squad (14-18yrs)

Training programs for competitive multisport endurance athletes.

This is a full time year round training program for performance stream endurance athletes who have made a commitment to pursue their sport at a provincial, national or international level of racing. Triathletes, cyclists, track athletes, open water swimmers, and other endurance athletes looking for cross training and multisport opportunities are supported with their individual goals and training needs in a group environment of like minded peers. Junior athletes are expected to maintain daily training log and record daily metrics. 

Full Program Includes:

Individual goal setting, Race calendar planning, GAP analysis, training plans, Premium Training Peaks account, 1-1 technical sessions if required, liason with PSO or other coaches, all Tri Monsters group sessions and training camps, Coaching and leadership development opportunities, Tri Monsters cycling jersey. 50% discount on the SD22 Endurance Sport Academy.

Partial Youth/Junior Program Includes:

Pre-determined between each athlete family and coach.  May inlcude Training Peaks account, remote coach oversight, or partial access to group programs.  Does not include: Training Camps, Academy Discounts, Tri Monsters cycling jersey.


Does not include:

PSO membership fees (CyclingBC, TriathlonBC, BC Athletics), Event /race fees or travel, sport equipment,   Admission to weight room, or additional swim admission outside of booked group swim schedules.  Admission to other training venues, memberships in other recommended clubs/programs.


Equipment requirements may vary due to individual programming. Please discuss your athletes needs with coach.

Endurance Multisport Academy SD22


February – June 2020.

Scheduled during B Block.This program is under development and schedules are tentative. 


Monday – Sport Performance Workshops

Tuesday – Strength & Conditioning.

Thursday – Seasonal endurance session (cycling, snowshoeing, hiking)

Friday – Recovery session (yoga/physio/meditation) or study block.


Cost $875 + TriBC Membership.  Full semester commitment required, February – June 2020.

Endurance Multisport Academy (grades 10-12) 

A new academy program for high performance stream student-athletes in SD22. This academy is for endurance athletes from various sports, to come together for daytime sessions to complement their before and after school sport specific training schedules, and enhance their

daily performance environment. Pre-requisites: BC Summer Games Alumni, CSI Carded, or otherwise demonstrate commitment to a full competition season in their sport of choice.


Athletes should have a coach on record for their sport, and coach to coach communication will be required to ensure best integration of program components into an athletes yearly training plan. Endurance sessions will include road cycling, hiking, and snowshoeing, athletes will require appropriate equipment and apparel.


Academy will be held semester 2, during SD22 B block.

Tri Monsters Indoor Cycling (13yrs+)


Fall Indoor Spin (13yrs+)

November 6 – December 18, 2019. 6:00-7:15pm

Sun Country Cycle,


Winter Indoor Spin (13yrs+)

Jan 8-Mar 11 2020, 10 sessions. 6:00-7:15pm.

Sun Country Cycle,

Fall Indoor Spin (13yrs+) $56


Winter Indoor Spin (13yrs+) $70

Tri Monsters Indoor Cycling (13yrs+) 

Indoor bike workouts to target pedal efficiency, coordination, posture. Athlete post PHV (14- 15yrs+) will also develop strength and power in age appropriate ways. More advanced training concepts are taught (understanding heart rate, power output, etc…).



Athletes are required to have: road bike, indoor trainer, water bottle (2),small towel. Strongly recommended are: cycling shoe/pedal systems and a heart rate monitor.  A few spare indoor trainers are available for athletes to try their first session, A few trainer rentals are available for the entire session.


Optional – smart trainer / power meter.

Tri Monsters Clubs (10-18yrs) 


Spring Cycling Club:

April 21-June 23 - Locations Vary

Tuesdays 6:30-7:30pm Skills Sessions,

Bonus Saturday and Sunday Group Rides 

(no weekend rides on long weekends or supported event days.)

Summer Triathlon Club:

July–August, exact dates TBA. Locations Vary

Tuesday 6pm Open Water Swim

Wednesday evening track or transition practice 6pm.


Open Water Swimming Club:

Tuesdays, 6pm, July & August- Locations Vary

Bonus sessions, invites up to train with Jr Squad based on skill/speed-TBA

COST: GST not included.

Spring Cycling Club OR Summer Triathlon Club: $225

Registration deadlines April 1 & June 15. Late registration $250.

Spring Cycling Club AND Summer Triathlon Club: $380

Registration deadline April 1. Late registration $405. 

Open Water Swimming Club: $85


Tri BC Membership required, not included.  

Spring Cycling Club:

This is a skills based road cycling club. Both recreational and competitive athletes are supported and encouraged in their cycling skill development. Bike handling skills, as well as road riding safety and skills are taught and practiced, while riders also learn to ride in a group/pack environment with confidence and efficiency. Endurance is developed through continuous movement and participation as practice lengths increase over the season.  Includes team jersey.



Road bike in good working condition, sun glasses, helmet. Recommended: rear light, cycling gloves, cycling shoes & pedals.

Not Included:

TriBC Membership,

Summer Triathlon Club:

This is a skills based triathlon club, both recreational and competitive athletes are supported and encouraged in their triathlon participation. Summer season practices primarily include open water swimming, running, and transition practice.  


Bonus sessions will be added throughout the season after event calendars are available. Athletes of appropriate ability to train with the Junior squad may be invited up to some of those group sessions.  Includes team jersey.


Road bike in good working condition, sun glasses, helmet. Recommended: rear light, cycling gloves, cycling shoes & pedals.

Not Included:

TriBC Membership.

Summer Open Water Swimming:

For swimmers that want to keep up some fitness through the summer in a group environment.


Not Included:

TriBC Membership, team Jersey

Tri Monsters Camps & Clinics 


Spring Break Camp 13-18yrs:

March 2020, dates/times/cost TBA


Apple Prep Camp 11-18yrs:

July 2020, dates/times/cost TBA

Summer Tri Clinics 6-11 yrs;

August 2020, dates/times/cost TBA

Spring Break Camp 13-18 yrsTBA


Apple Prep Camp 11-18 yrs: TBA

Summer Tri Clinics 6-11 yrs:TBA

Spring Break Camp (13-18yrs)

For Youth/Junior athletes to get a jump on their spring cycling skills development.


Apple Prep Camp (11-18yrs)

For triathletes preparing for the Kelowna Apple Triathlon, sessions include open water swimming, transition practice, and brick (bike/run) training. This program bridges the gap between the Tri Monsters spring cycling club and the summer triathlon club, for athletes that are prepping for the Kelowna event.


Summer Tri Clinics (6-11yrs)

These fun sessions for learning triathletes are an introduction to the sport, and will help kiddos develop skills needed to feel confident and comfortable for triathlon. Skills are taught through fun obstacle courses and games.